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Daniel’s career has spanned local design studios to clients such as Merlin Entertainments. This website serves as a hub for his work ranging from logo design, comics and art. 

He was once placed as number 11 on the ” Viral News Stories From 2014 That Were Actually Totally Untrue” on Buzzfeed, with a UFO prank that went global. 


 You may have seen us at a convention? If not, or you didn’t get a chance to check us out, you can explore the worlds of CSIASAURUS and TALE OF YUE


A bit of paint, a bit dash of digital, and a slice of imagination, and you get some pure, unadulterated Blended Awesome! Check out some examples below, or have a look in the gallleries. 

Keeping up with the Jones’

FSP tries to blog about adventures, conventions, projects and even something reviews. Hit them up belo

Today a great man died.

Today Professor Stephen Hawking died. Born in Oxford on the 8th of January 1942, and passed away today 14th of March 2018.  

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Comicbooks and Dinosaurs

It’s an update!!! With the curation of May’s MCM London coming up, I thought it time to write a quick update. Today I added a new page talking about one[…]

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Maybe it’s in a name.

In my early 20’s I started getting sick. I wasn’t throwing up, I didn’t have shingles, I did however start the spiralling road of finding out I had a mental[…]

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