Designing the Ora R. – A Secret Cinema Adventure

Designing the Ora R. – A Secret Cinema Adventure

When Secret Cinema announced they were going to be doing ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ I couldn’t help but jump at getting tickets. You see, ‘Empire’ is my favourite Star Wars film. It has lightsabers, the Falcon, heroes, villain, scum, villainy, bountry hunters, and Lando being so smooth it could make even Arnie weak at the knees. So, it had to be done, and with this came the Ora R.

When you signed up for tickers, you went to their secret website, signed in, answered some questions and then you got given a ‘Persona’. I was given the smuggler-esque persona, and honestly, who, when given the chance to be a Han Solo character, doesn’t want their own ship? I wanted mine, and I wanted something that looked like the Falcon, but wasn’t the same. So, to the sketch book I went.

It didn’t take me long to decide on a concept, I already had an idea an my head, I just needed to see it on paper, you know, just in case it looks like a cat had ralphed a design (and we all know that’s pretty nasty).

I stayed pretty clear of the fan designs and the gaming miniatures. I didn’t want to just imitate something that already existed (even though there are only so many configuration you can do with a YT freighter).

After a few sets of staring at the Illustrator on my screen, I started drawing. Did I think of scale? Nope, so the whole thing had no scale, but never the less, I got to work. I must have spent a good couple of days on it, a few hours a night, sorting bits here and there, trying to get the shape. Then looking at various pictures and screen grabs of the Falcon just so I could get detail.

There is a golden rule that I created for myself when creating this ship. It doesn’t have to have order to the detail. It doesn’t need to be clean, it can be messy, have open panels and missing cowling. It’s allowed. You see, it works like this…. In Star Trek, everything has order. Three buttons are perfectly aligned with the exact same amount of space between them. In Star Wars, you could have two button perfectly aligned, and the third another 30mm to the right and a different style. It’s rag tag and hand made.

Looking back on the design now, I can see where I would change things, maybe adapt things, and maybe even give it some colour. Scale wise? Well, if Starlord can cruise around in the Milano, I guess the Ora R isn’t much bigger… maybe I will do another with some scale reference….