Exploring Star Trek’s old designs.

Exploring Star Trek’s old designs.

Well, it’s an interesting title isn’t it?

Sometimes I get the urge to keep my fingers on the ball and do little projects here and there where I explore a previously created concept, and in this case it was one of the original concepts of the Enterprise for the 1966 television show. Before it was a saucer and cylindrical nacelles, it was a strange ringed ship, with a long neck and some kind of head module.

XCV-330 Ring ship Taken from Memory Beta – Click to go to the page.

That above is the “Ring ship”. It’s not a bad looking concept, I mean, considering it was designed in the 1960s, it got quite a close idea to modern FTL theorised ships. But, for me, I want to explore another avenue.

What if the UESPA (United Earth Space Probe Agency) was more akin to NASA/ESA? What if it was less about crews of 200 or more, and more like a space mission of a small crew, say 6? What would it look like? I endeavoured to look at this.

If you look at the featured design, I have moved more towards that of a long haul modular design, then that of a starliner. There is a reason for this, and it being that it could be adapted for a multitude array of mission objectives. What if something went wrong? You could just jettison the body and use the flight deck as a lifeboat.

A redesign was something I have wanted to do for a while, and it has been an interesting exploration.

At the moment I have some scale. If you look there are blue rectangles on the image, these represent a 6ft person. From that I can work out a size for the craft, and then work on another version.