Star Trek Bridge Crew – A review

Star Trek Bridge Crew – A review

So, on Saturday at MCM Comic Con London I had to the opportunity to play Ubisofts new Star Trek game, Bridge Crew, a game set before Star Trek Beyond.

Coming out on PC and PS4 in VR, Bridge Crew is a social game set in the 2009 divergence universe known as the Kelvin Timeline, and you and you friends crew a ship called the USS Aegis.


USS Aegis Bridge

Bridge Crew picks up where Artemis left off. It’s a social game in which each member of your team takes a bridge station. You have a Captain, Helmsman, Tactical Officer and Engineer. The other consoles such as Communications are NPCs. This however makes the gameplay allot easier.

When you start the game you have a set of tutorials to compete, there are different for each position. Since I was the Captain, I had to learn about command things, these being how to set destinations to the helmsman, receiving orders and mission briefs, looking at general ships data and so on. But, all of this was for nothing when playing the game. Why? Because you’re a Captain, and the first time you play this, you will screw up.

Communication is important in this game, so everyone needs to be listening and communicating. I found my tactical officer would communicate the most, and we were full of bad Trek lines. At one point, after I gave the order to disembark, my helmsman seemed to not be listening, which lead to my Tactical offer to ask if the “Parking Break was still on?”. But once we were ready to go to warp, I gave the order… “Punch it”.. which gathered a few chuckles.

The missions are straight forwards, your given orders, and you have to follow them. We had one where we had to clear mines away from a vessel in need. Simple enough, scan the ship for life signs, scan the mines… shoot the mines. Worked out fine.

Controls however has a learning curve. You have the VR headset, which if like me you wear glasses can prove problematic. Also, if like me you have stupid eyes, if can get a little bit more problematic. Hand control is simple, you hold the two Playstation Move controllers, and the trigger give you a pointy finger in which to push buttons. Getting your brain to realise you are in VR takes a little while, but once you get there, you’re fine.

The design of the game is glorious. It’s greatly realised and detailed. You have a full 360 degree view of the bridge. I mean you can look at your boots, and then look around the while bridge, it’s great. You can even have an external view! Personally, I think the design of this bridge is more pleasing than the bridge of the Kelvin timeline USS Enterprise. There are allot of design similarities as it site int eh same language, but it feels more rounded as a design.

The USS Aegis (NX-1787) is a wonderful concept, she’s a smaller and sleeker looking ship in comparison to the USS Enterprise. She’s an experiment, but I have yet to find out why as it wasn’t covered the demonstration we were playing, but I can’t wait to find out more. She does however share some design with the USS Endeavour (NCC-1805) from the Beyond Go comics.

Image created by Ubisoft

USS Aegis NX-1787

I know there is an element of the game in which you can have the bridge from USS Enterprise of the Original Series, which leads me to hope that with further DLC, we could see bridges from other ships. I also hope that DLC covers more missions, and possibly recreate scenes from the TV Series and Films, I mean, you can already play the Kobyashi Maru, but you know you want to do it Wrath of Khan style.

Watch the video below for more fun.