Building a new Website!!

Building a new Website!!

It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it? After all those experiments, and things that I really didn’t like, finally I feel we are getting somewhere!!


Building the new site is taking it’s time, but it actually meets what the look you’ve seen at conventions feels like, this means hopefully I will be complete soon enough. But, putting together new images, and having to trawl through CSS again is a pain in the backside, so please don’t judge.

In other news, sadly FSP will not be at TRUE BELIEVERS this year. After looking through my finances and the change of my situation from last year, I have decided not to attend. Sorry guys if you were hoping to see me there. But don’t fret!! Plenty of other conventions this year I will be attending, so FSP will have it’s usual collection of goodies, as well as hopefully some new bits.

Also planned for 2018 is “BLENDED AWESOME!”. It will be the FSP youtube, and it will include drawing videos, a little space education, and some other fun stuff, so I hope you enjoy the ride.

Later Days Kids.