Daniel J. Cook aka Scruffyhightops was born on October 16th 1982 in the sunny south called Portsmouth, UK. He does not remember this day as he was either asleep, or had blacked out through lack of tea. 

Daniel studied film at UWCN, and later studied Art and Design, and Writing and Directing for Performance at UoP. He also has a certificate in Super Earths and Life...that's Astrobiology space cadets!

Daniel names his influences as music, comic books, creature features, Star Wars, films, Dinosaurs and Toys. He describes his style as a "Pop Culture Blender". 

Daniel also co-runs Broken Record, and imprint formed with his friend Jeannie Hart to release independent comics. 

He can be found drinking tea at various conventions in the UK...or around the city he lives in.

Daniel has worked for two local studios in graphic design and clothing design, he has also produced various informative films for clients in the Biopharmaceutical fields as well as Merlin Entertainments, Pie & Vinyl, Piecaramba, Southsea Skatepark Trust and the Pompey Supporters Trust.