Today a great man died.

Today Professor Stephen Hawking died. Born in Oxford on the 8th of January 1942, and passed away today 14th of March 2018.  

Comicbooks and Dinosaurs

It’s an update!!! With the curation of May’s MCM London coming up, I thought it time to write a quick update. Today I added a new page talking about one of the book series that FSP creates…CSIASAURUS!!! Have you ever wanted to solve a crime? Go into space? Meet a Dinosaur? Well, all three appear…
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Spray Painting an Old Table

Everyone loves to play with paint, so on a glorious summers day, I decided too. This table had been lurking in the house for many years, and it needed a bit of love, so, I went to the shed, got some spray cans and off I went. For those who want to know what I…
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Exploring Star Trek’s old designs.

Well, it’s an interesting title isn’t it? Sometimes I get the urge to keep my fingers on the ball and do little projects here and there where I explore a previously created concept, and in this case it was one of the original concepts of the Enterprise for the 1966 television show. Before it was…
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Designing the Ora R. – A Secret Cinema Adventure

When Secret Cinema announced they were going to be doing ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ I couldn’t help but jump at getting tickets. You see, ‘Empire’ is my favourite Star Wars film. It has lightsabers, the Falcon, heroes, villain, scum, villainy, bountry hunters, and Lando being so smooth it could make even Arnie weak at the…
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