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Maybe it’s in a name.

In my early 20’s I started getting sick. I wasn’t throwing up, I didn’t have shingles, I did however start the spiralling road of finding out I had a mental illness. Now, it comes with stigma, people think your just unhappy and that you can “buck up” or “Everyone has problems”, the latter being my…
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Building a new Website!!

It’s been a long time coming hasn’t it? After all those experiments, and things that I really didn’t like, finally I feel we are getting somewhere!!   Building the new site is taking it’s time, but it actually meets what the look you’ve seen at conventions feels like, this means hopefully I will be complete…
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Designing the Ora R. – A Secret Cinema Adventure

When Secret Cinema announced they were going to be doing ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ I couldn’t help but jump at getting tickets. You see, ‘Empire’ is my favourite Star Wars film. It has lightsabers, the Falcon, heroes, villain, scum, villainy, bountry hunters, and Lando being so smooth it could make even Arnie weak at the…
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